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The Sign Doll can be used as your innovative new weapon for increasing sales. The Sign Doll will make your company stand out from all your competitors and assure that your advertisement is always visible. The Sign Doll is also much more effective than a normal arrow sign.

You’re basically hiring a full time sign spinner, without all of the headaches that usually accompany an arrow spinner.

  • A 24/7 Robotic Employee that spins your message at ALL TIMES
  • Change your advertisement sign whenever and to whatever you want
  • Never any employee problems: The waving mannequin is never late and never complains!
  • The Sign Doll allows for owners to have 100% control
  • No insurance and liability costs
  • No workers compensation
  • No Breaks or Vacation times ever
  • Don’t pay over $3000 month for a full time sign spinner (8-12 hrs a day, $10 per hour, 30 days)
  • Don’t deal with lazy, incompetent arrow spinners

Expand Your Business Now and Maximize Opportunity

If you want an easier way to advertise and increased traffic that converts to more sales, the dancing mannequin is your solution.

Get the perks of an arrow sign and much more. This new method of advertising will help your business advance to a new level.

Get your own Sign Doll now and have a cutting edge moving advertisement that results in more sales, 365 days a year.


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